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Pamas GMBH

Founded in 1992, PAMAS develops, manufactures, distributes and services laser particle counters to measure particulate contamination in liquids. The highly sophisticated optical sensors are manufactured at the company plant in Germany.

Authorized representatives for: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Albania, Kosovo, Slovenia, North Macedonia

Pamas GMBH

Particle counters by fluid

With its own research and development department, PAMAS GmbH is a leading company in the field of liquid particle counting systems.



is a standard laboratory particle counter for pharmaceutical applications (control of parenterals, infusion solutions, ophtalmic & oral fluids) and other low-viscous liquids. The instrument may be used as “stand alone” or software controlled.

A stepper-motor-actuated precision syringe moves the sample through the laser-diode sensor at the optimum flow-rate and an accurate sample volume is achieved. Using interchangeable syringes, the PAMAS SVSS can analyse sampling volumes of different sizes, from 100 µl to 1000 ml. For small volumes, a special “Small Volume Kit” is available.


is a cost-effective, high-performance, laser-based online system with simple integration into industrial data management systems. An automatic digital flow rate determination provides accurate measurement results. The PAMAS S50 counts particles with high resolution in eight particle size channels, available via the data interface for report in real time to the PC. The triple code according to the cleanliness class standard ISO 4406 for the particle sizes > 4 µm(c), > 6 µm(c) and > 14 µm(c) is indicated on the instrument display.



is a portable particle counting system for oil-based liquids like hydraulic and lubricating oil. A wear resistant ceramic piston pump guarantees a constant flow. With a simple-to-use touch screen user interface, operation is easy and intuitive. The system is equipped with an integrated battery for up to three hours operation and a data storage of up to 4000 measurements. The system can be used for batch sampling and online measurements. Additional accessories are available.

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