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Since 1998, LCTech has been developing innovative products and preparation methods for environmental, food and feed analysis, as well as forensic samples. From sample preparation automation to analytical consumables and professional training, LCTech offers everything a professional laboratory needs and is valued by various renowned institutions in the pharmaceutical and research sectors.


FREESTYLE XANA AND XANA PFAS for rapid processing of water samples/automation in water analysis



In order to detect a wide range of chemical compounds, large volumes of water samples are usually processed and extensive individual steps are applied. Parallel automation, which precisely processes all the necessary steps, greatly facilitates the processing of large volumes of water samples in the laboratory, while at the same time reducing variations in results.

FREESTYLE PFAS stolna ploča

FREESTYLE XANA PFAS TableTop is well prepared for PFAS related requirements. Large quantities are not absolutely necessary for the analysis of PFAS in water. As a result, the large XANA bottle rack is not necessary in some cases. By reducing the size of the bottle rack, it can now be easily transferred to the FREESTYLE, saving a large amount of space.


Food and feed analysis (mycotoxins, PCDD, PCBS, QuEChERS columns, GPC clones)

Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) can be found everywhere and present different challenges for analysis. LCTech offers solutions for the entire sample preparation process, from extraction to analysis, with robust, high-quality devices. This includes the appropriate cleanup columns used and expert support for analysis setup and troubleshooting.



QuEChERS (Quick, Easy, Cheap, Effective, Rugged, and Safe) represents the most commonly used method in the world for the analysis of pesticide residues in food and feed laboratories. The fast, simple, cheap, efficient, robust and safe QuEChERS method LCTech allows you to automate the cleaning of pesticide analysis samples. Less manual work combined with high cleaning performance makes the new method even simpler than the conventional QuEChERS method.

Analiza rezidua u hrani i hrani za životinje

The online connection to the LC can be realized via the Direct Injection module and, if desired, online pre-evaporation is also possible. Miniaturization allows reducing the use of solvents to a minimum and achieving greater capacity in the FREESTYLE rack, and requires less time per sample, which enables the processing of up to 120 samples within 24 hours with a synchronized LC cycle.



Unique: thermal denaturation. Full automation from extract to chromatogram in less than 20 minutes.


Robust, repeatable, flexible.

Maximum measurement sensitivity with measurements far below the prescribed limits.

It can be combined with any HPLC-FLD or LC-MS/MS system.

FREESTYLE HPLC Direct Injection

If you already own a FREESTYLE SPE system, you can easily upgrade it for the QuEChERS app at any time. The QuEChERS application on FREESTYLE is an extremely robust and cost-effective high-throughput solution for pesticide analysis in the laboratory with all the benefits of full automation.

QuEChERS Kolona

QuEChERS LCTech is based on the non-dispersive method and has specially adapted columns. This covers almost all matrices within the analysis of pesticides in food and feed.

Pesticide I

Classic QuEChERS column for fruits and vegetables

Pesticide II

Special QuEChERS column for tea, spices and hops

Pesticide III

Additional QuEChERS column for matrices with high fat content (> 10%)


High sample throughput;

Cleansing from multiple mycotoxins;

No cross-contamination;

24/7 with pressure monitoring.


Analysis of pollutants in the environment

In environmental analysis, for example when analyzing water, soil and air, LCTech offers perfectly adapted products to make your analysis even more efficient. To ensure that your laboratory activities are also optimally coordinated from an economic point of view, you can, for example, fully or semi-automate the workflow with LCTech products.

DEXTech proizvodi

LCTech’s unique DEXTEch product family is the perfect solution for your PCDD/F, PCB, PCN, PBDE or CP analysis requirements. Robust, easy to install and low maintenance – each device is optimized for dioxin/PCB analysis in different matrices.

Kolone za čišćenje

Choose between silica and Alox columns with glass or plastic bodies. Both variants are exactly the same and offer fast and efficient cleaning.

Elufix kolone

Elufix™ glass columns are ready to use immediately and are perfect for fast and precise hydrocarbon oil index measurements (method H53).


Analysis of PFAS, PFOS and PFOA

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) have special properties and are therefore used in many industrial processes and products, such as textiles, household products, fire fighting, automotive, food, construction and electronics. Chemicals can now be found in the environment (rivers, lakes, soil) and in food (drinking water or other food).

Perfluorinated alkyl sulfonates – the most famous representative: Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS). Perfluorinated carboxylic acids – the most famous representative: Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA). These chemicals were often used for decades because of their physico-chemical properties (thermally and chemically stable, repel water and fat). PFAS can be found everywhere: in water, in soil, in dust, in food, and finally in human blood.



For extraction.


For cleaning (eg Dual-SPE). Ideal with EluCLEAN SPE columns.


For sensor-controlled concentration of extracts.


Analysis of pesticides and polyaromatic hydrocarbons, PAH, Robotic systems for pesticide analysis, SPE

The use of pesticides as plant protection agents can lead to residues in food and animal feed. In order to protect human and animal health, they are legally regulated and certain maximum residue levels must not be exceeded. Comprehensive testing is necessary in order to guarantee safe and healthy food to consumers.



The X-TRACTION© system offers efficient extraction without cross-contamination for precise analysis results.


Learn more about FREESTYLE XANA – the perfect solution for automated processing of large volumes of water samples in the laboratory. With parallel automation, which precisely performs all the necessary steps, a wide range of chemical compounds can be detected quickly and easily.


Discover FREESTYLE – the perfect solution for the efficient purification of pesticides using gel permeation chromatography. The GPC module enables fast sample handling, while the EVAporation module ensures precise concentration and solvent exchange.

GPC kolona

The very robust column is specially designed for everyday laboratory use.


For the automated QuEChERS method, the FREESTYLE is equipped with an SPE module and can be equipped with an HPLC Direct Injection module for additional online connection to your LC-MS/MS system.

Ekstrakcija čvrste faze SPE

LCTech products for solid phase extraction are as extensive as their areas of application and offer customer support as needed: from fully automated robotic systems and SPE columns to vacuum separators, such as mycotoxins, water analysis or forensics.


Dioxin analysis

The family of devices is unique: the standard version DEXTech Pure for almost all matrices, 24-hour processing in the fully automated version DEXTech 16 and DEXTech Heat with its special heating function for hardened fats. At LCTech, you get the right solution for dioxin/PCB analysis in food, feed and environmental samples.

Robust, easy to install, intuitive operation, low maintenance requirements, economical columns ready for use.

DEXTech Pure

DEXTech 16

Automated system for 15 samples in one sequence. Fully automated and overnight!

DEXTech Heat

A heating system so that even hardened samples remain liquid from presentation to filling and are processed reliably without clogging.

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