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Designed to work perfectly.


Strategy of company is to maintain and evolve presence on all market categories with the supply of high-quality instruments. All products are designed to fulfil latest international standards. Responsibility of company IKA is to carry out market and distributors expectations in terms of quality of products, offer, price and service.


Magnetic Stirrers

IKA magnetic stirrers are the world’s best-selling professional lab mixers. There is a complete range of IKA magnetic stirrers to handle various quantities, either with or without heating capabilities. Functionality, safety, and longevity are the main focus in the development of IKA’s magnetic stirrers.


An ergonomic feel combined with uncompromising precise performance: the IKA single fix and vario pipettes can be used for many applications in the modern laboratory. Color coding simplifies the rapid selection of a suitable pipette. Resistance to impact, UV and chemicals ensures that the tip cone provides long-term reliable dosing.


IKA oxygen bomb calorimeters are the market leaders when it comes to determining the calorific values of liquid and solid samples. Functionality, safety, and longevity are the main goals in the development of IKA oxygen bomb calorimeters.


Its unique and compact design makes the unit space saving and ultra-portable. The disposable grinding chamber eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination and saves you cleaning costs and time. During development of the mill, particular emphasis was placed on user safety.


IKA introduces a brand-new micro centrifuge ideal for applications which do not require ultra high speeds e.g., micro-filtrations and cell separations. These centrifuges feature a compact design and a small footprint which requires minimal bench space. As a safety feature, this microfuge will run only when the lid is closed.

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