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Equipment maintenance

Our company is an authorized representative of world-renowned manufacturers of laboratory equipment for the territory of BiH with provided quality service support.


MPS Lab – Sarajevo

We have long-term contracts for equipment maintenance with the most prestigious and largest laboratories in BiH and the speed of service response up to 4 hours.

Our engineering staff is regularly trained by equipment manufacturers to sell, qualify and maintain the latest products.

The procedures according to which equipment maintenance services are performed are regulated according to the strict requirements of equipment manufacturers as well as the requirements of ISO 9001 standards related to this area.

Work / service orders and reports are monitored through a purpose-built software package, and for each delivered and installed instrument we have a maintenance history that is regularly updated.


Laboratory instruments

We currently maintain, calibrate and validate over 800 different types of equipment in manufacturing and laboratory processes

  • pH / ion / conductometers, automatic titrators (potentiometry, coulometry, thermometry, photometry, Karl-Fischer), dosing units, systems for polarography, voltammetry and CVS, ion chromatographs, process equipment;
  • small and large steam sterilizers;
  • dry sterilizers, incubators and stability chambers;
  • refrigerators and cooling chambers, cooling circulating systems, water baths;
  • drying and annealing furnaces;
  • instruments for counting particles in aqueous solutions and oils,
  • systems for the production of purified and ultra pure water;
  • systems for automatic distillation, extraction and determination of nitrogen;
  • laboratory mixers, magnetic mixers with and without heaters;

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