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ColorLite GmbH

ColorLite is a German manufacturer of high-quality color measuring instruments. They offer the best customized measurement solutions for your application.
In addition to various handheld spectrophotometers and stationary measuring instruments, they also offer customized inline measuring systems for direct color measurement in production.
The wide range of spectrophotometers is complemented by the sd350 densitometer for density measurement. With ColorLite spectrophotometers you can measure granules and finished injection molded parts, films or extruded plastics. Every industry has its own challenges, but the automotive industry sets standards that are a major challenge for all OEMs and suppliers. Interior components are produced by different suppliers and, despite their complexity, they ultimately have to fit into the car. Tolerances are below the visible range. ColorLite spectrophotometers are the ideal solution for this task. Well-known producers and users of pigments, coatings, paints and varnishes work successfully with ColorLite spectrophotometers. You can measure the color of various products in the food industry in reflection and transmission. With flexible accessories, almost any food item can be measured for color; be it meat, cheese, pastries, spices, liquids, pastries, even the skin of animal food. Whether you want to measure the color of paper, plastic, cosmetic bottles (or their contents), furniture, parquet, building materials, chemicals, medicines, coins, works of art or other colors, we have a solution for almost every application.

ColorLite sph900 Spectrophotometer

Portable spectrophotometer, combined with two geometries according to DIN5033: 45°/0° and d/8°. Additional probe head with measuring geometry d/0° available as probe head or adapter.
Small, flexible external probe head – therefore ideal for measuring the color of small and curved sample parts. Combining with a wide range of accessories for measuring liquids, powders, granules, food, cables and the like. Connecting to a computer wirelessly via Bluetooth or USB.

ColorLite sph RG2 Spectrophotometer

Resistant, robust and powerful spectrophotometer!
Cold, wet, dust – that’s no problem for the unique RG2. Constructed from a solid aluminum housing, the RG2 is the perfect solution for color measurement in harsh production environments.

ColorLite ColorCube Spectrophotometer

Stationary spectrophotometer. The simplest solution for the laboratory – with one button control. ColorCube desktop spectrophotometer – minimalist and functional design. The ColorCube series is available in different versions, with different scanning areas from 2 mm (d/8° geometry) to 80 mm (d/0° geometry) for a wide range of applications.

ColorLite sph870 Spectrophotometer

Portable and combined device with two geometries according to DIN5033: 45°/0° and d/8°
Small, flexible external probe head – ideal for color measurement of small and curved parts.
A wide range of additional accessories for measuring liquids, powders, granules, food, cables and the like.

ColorLite sph ipm Spectrophotometer

Industrial color measurement technology!
Non-contact and contact spectral online color measurement in real time. It is used to measure the color of bulk materials such as plastic granules, pellets, etc.

ColorLite ColorTube Spectrophotometer

Stationary spectrophotometer. A superior solution with unique features that set it apart from the rest. With the newly developed, high-quality ColorTube, solid and liquid samples can be measured in reflectance, absorption and transmission. For measuring transparent samples, the spectrophotometer is optionally equipped with a third measuring channel.

ColorLite sph xs1 Spectrophotometer

Ultra-mobile compact portable solution – 45°/0° color measurement and 60° gloss measurement with one device. Worldwide communication of measurement data in real time directly via WiFi or Bluetooth 4.0. Additional: Integrated matrix data scanner (scan QR / barcode – measure sample – save data).

ColorLite sph9i Spectrophotometer

Industrial online color monitoring!
Fully automated spectrophotometer for 100% production control. The ColorLite sph9i system provides color measurement in various areas such as the plastics, paper, textile and food industries. Constant quality control reduces waste in the production plant, affects the increase in productivity by reducing time and costs.

ColorLite sd350 Densitometer

The market leader for the highest accuracy and precision. The sd350 densitometer was developed to meet the high precision standards of the automotive industry. Measures the value of the color density of the product, eg plastic film. The device is characterized by top quality and ease of use.