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Temperature measuring instruments.



Recording the surface temperature is vitally important for a great number of processes in industry and trade. Amongst other things, it enables the quality criteria of products and systems in heating engineering, the building trade, the energy sector and manufacturing industry to be met.


Testo thermometer

A Testo surface temperature meter offers you the following:

  • Intuitive operation and high-precision measurement results
  • Comprehensive portfolio of exchangeable probes for every application – customized products are also possible
  • Robust construction for daily use
  • Calibration by the experts in our subsidiary, Testo Industrial Services

Humidity measurement

 A moisture meter is always used when the moisture content in the air or solids needs to be measured accurately. One of the most common applications is measuring the moisture in the air using a hygrometer.


Testo 635

The testo 635-1 temperature and humidity measuring instrument is ideally equipped for checking the air humidity, temperature and dew point in living areas, in production, storage and server areas and in museums and cold stores. Measurements of the ambient absolute pressure and dew point in compressed air can be quickly and efficiently carried out with the testo 635-1.

Testo 625

The testo 625 compact thermohygrometer has a connectable humidity sensor which measures the air temperature and relative humidity. It can also calculate the dew point and wet bulb temperature.

The meter is equipped with a large, easy-to-read, backlit display, a hold function which allows you to freeze the last reading and min and max readings that can be displayed at the touch of a key.


Pressure monitor

Alongside temperature, pressure is one of the most important measurement parameters. Whether absolute pressure, differential pressure or relative pressure – Testo offers the ideal electronic or digital pressure measuring instrument for every measurement requirement involving the pressure parameter.

Testo 549i

The professional and compact testo 549i high-pressure gauge can be controlled via the testo Smart Probes App using your smartphone or tablet, and is ideal for carrying out servicing and troubleshooting on air conditioning and refrigeration systems. The App also enables evaporation and condensation temperatures to be calculated automatically.

Testo 511

Small, handy and practical: the testo 511 absolute pressure meter measures absolute pressure and is also suitable for measuring the barometric altitude between two points.

Testo 557

The testo 557 digital manifold fulfils numerous functions, which are required for working on refrigeration systems and heat pumps, in just one instrument: for example superheating/subcooling calculation, vacuum measurement, temperature-compensated leakage test.


Emission measuring devices

Environmental pollution due to emissions is no secret. It is actually the case that more and more problems have been occurring over recent years due to the increase in pollution. There are guidelines here for those responsible for keeping emissions in their area of responsibility under control. However, to do this you have to have an emission measuring device to hand.


Testo 310


Flow meter / anemometer

There are different designs of the flow meter. It is also available as an anemometer and can be used in a variety of areas. There are thus some sectors, particularly in the industrial field, where flow measurement plays an important role. In addition to duct measurement, these also include outlet measurement and filter measurement.


Testo 440

Testo 417

Testo 405


CO₂, CO, Light, Sound, rpm

Regular measurement of indoor air quality and comfort levels in workplaces enables the exact setting of the indoor climate and reduces the risk of staff shortages due to illness. Indoor air quality and comfort level measurement therefore also leads to fostering better staff performance.


Testo 440


Intrumenti za mjerenje električnih veličina

Testo sets new standards in electrical measuring technology. Whether multimeters, clamp meters, current testers or voltage testers – thanks to innovative technologies and simplified application, Testo’s measuring instruments measure electrical parameters such as current, voltage or resistance more reliably and precisely than ever before.


Testo 745

Testo 750-2

Testo 775-1

Testo 760-3

Testo 770-2


The data logger

In industry, but also in public buildings as well as in the private sector, it may be necessary to measure some values involving the air. In addition to temperature and humidity, the CO₂ value for example also provides information about the indoor air quality. In order to ensure pleasant IAQ, you need a regular overview of the evolution of these values. This is where a logger is used.


Testo 160

Testo 175-H1

Testo 184-G1


Thermal Imaging Cameras

The measuring instrument for every application: there are hardly any measuring instruments that are as versatile as a thermal imager.


Testo 872

Testo 885


Smart Probes

Measurement is more mobile, more productive and easier than ever before, with the new Smart Probes from Testo. Because the compact pro measuring instruments can be operated wirelessly with your own smartphone or tablet via the testo Smart Probes App, and conveniently transported in the handy testo Smart Case. That way, you always have all your measurement technology with you and immediately ready to hand.


The Smart Probes

  • Comprehensive range of measuring instruments for monitoring temperature, pressure, humidity and flow velocity
  • Practical kits for the most important applications in heating, air conditioning, ventilation and refrigeration
  • Operation and documentation completely via testo Smart Probes App

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