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Astell Scientific

Astell Scientific is a pioneering manufacturer and supplier of autoclaves and sterilizers;




33 - 63 Litre Benchtop Autoclaves

The 33 to 63 litre front loading ‘Benchtop’ autoclaves are available in two versions. Both require no plumbing, and operate from a standard single phase power supply. ‘Classic’ and ‘Ecofill’ models are available.

63 Litre Top loading compact autoclave range

The 63 litre ‘Compact’ top loading autoclaves are floor standing self-contained sterilizer units that require no plumbing and operate from a standard single phase power supply. All compact autoclaves are fitted with castors for easy movement..

95 – 135 Litre top loading autoclave

The 95 – 135 litre toploading autoclave range offers increased chamber sizes compared to the ‘Compact’ units, as well as featuring advanced options not available on smaller sized autoclaves, including Heated Jackets, Integral Steam Generators, Simple/Advanced Vacuum and Cooling options.

120 – 344 Litre front loading autoclave

The 120 – 344 litre front loading autoclave offers five chamber sizes, increased in capacity from the top loading range. The ‘Swiftlock’ front loading range of autoclaves allows the user a greater choice of options unavailable on the smaller ranges, as well as easy loading access.

120 – 344 Litre sliding door circular chamber autoclave

The 120 – 344 litre sliding front circular chamber autoclave is available in five chamber sizes. Loading access is through a sliding door meaning the unit requires less operational floor space than a hinged door unit.

Batch effluent deconatimination system

The types of wastewater differ for each project.

All units are made to order and as such are highly customizable.

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250 – 1200 Litre double door square autoclave

The 250 – 1,200 litre Double Door SQUARE Autoclave Range is ideal for high-containment type (BSL-3/4) facilities or where a specific area or ‘clean room’ are in operation, as the sterilized load can ‘pass through’ the autoclave to be removed in to this environment.

125 – 360 Litre square eco autoclave

The SQUARE ECO Range is the entry level of Square chambered autoclaves offered by Astell. The range is ideal where you are looking to sterilize basic items and is suitable for most labs sterilizing items like glassware, plastics and media etc.

125 – 735 Litre square autoclave

The 125 – 735 litre SQUARE autoclave range is easily customizable and with a range of different chamber sizes. The SQUARE range is Astell’s most popular range of square chambered autoclaves, capable of sterilizing almost anything (additional options may be required).

600 – 1400 Litre square max autoclave

The 600 – 1,400 litre SQUARE MAX Autoclave Range is capable of sterilizing almost anything (additional options may be required) and easily customizable and with a range of different chamber sizes. The SQUARE MAX range is ideal for high throughput situations or bulky and awkward loads.

33 – 153 Litre 'Duaclave'

The 120 – 153 litre ‘Duaclave’ is the ideal autoclave range where laboratory floor space is at a premium. The Duaclave features dual chambers, one directly above the other ranging in sets of 120ltr or 153ltr capacities. Combining two units stacked within one frame, the two chambers operate completely independently.

Compact Steam Generators

The (24kW – 48kW) & 72kW stand alone compact steam generator system works with Astell Scientific’s range of autoclaves and sterilizers, or can provide a direct steam supply to other equipment requiring instant steam in high peak demand systems. Astell steam generators are designed and built in the UK with laboratory and research facilities in mind, making them ideal for sterilizers, Effluent Decontamination Systems, media preparators, bioreactors, fermenters, and for heat supply in bioengineering and biochemical facilities.

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